Friday, February 25, 2011

May the Force Be in Wisconsin

Just sent this message to the protesting citizens in Wisconsin, and others may wish to as well:  if so, go to:

Don’t miss your opportunity to tell the workers of Wisconsin that you support them. (AmericansUnited)

You citizens of Wisconsin are the proverbial finger in the Dike.  

You are holding back the floods of a right-wing-driven, anti-democratic, America-destroying  Oligarchy.

I am 70 years old, and until now I never have been afraid for my country.  Now I am scared stiff; this may be the year in which America becomes something (much) less than a Democracy.

You are fighting for all of us and, to paraphrase Star Wars, may the force be with you.

Thank you, for every sane and thoughtful citizen of our country.

Tyko Kihlstedt

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