Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oscar Thoughts in brief

I'll be brief, as I must wake up in 5 hours to play tennis, so two questions on tonight's Oscar Ceremony.

1).  Who put out the word (and so effectively) that there should be no silly or ugly women's dresses?  One dress after the next tonight was elegant and tasteful.  Amazing, and quite wonderful.

2).  The Oscars are a big, annual event, as is the Superbowl.  Every year, corporations put out TV ads made especially for Superbowl night; most of those ads are puerile and almost all of the beer ads seem to have been brainstormed by College sophomores late on a Friday night from their fraternity keg room.  These are almost always a let-down, especially after all the hype.

Now for my question:  Why don't we have special ads for Oscar night?  Why not give the nation's more sensible, adult ad writers a chance to strut their stuff?  All the Oscar ads tonight were in good taste, but we also have seen them all before.  

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