Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cry for the Lost Democrat

While I begin a quest to figure out why Democrats have become such wimps, particularly for the last 20-or-so years, and why they cringe in Pavlovian shock whenever a Republican counters their justifiable and accurate criticisms with righteous indignation, I invite you to watch this You Tube piece that I just came across from 2006.  It was uploaded on April 26 of that year by "Liberty Lover," and it posits a wonderful, fictitious response to President Bush's State of the Union Address by "Congressman John Doe," juxtaposed to the actual, mealy-mouthed response by Virginia Governor Tim Kaine.

Apparently, this piece first appeared earlier that year on The Quinn Report.  If only we had some Democrats like John Doe today...or better, if only a Democrat gave this response to the State of the Union Address in 2006:  Where would we be today?

To paraphrase the poker players, "Watch 'em and weep."   

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