Sunday, June 5, 2011

No Post this week

My apologies to any and all who may be following Tyko's Wassup This Week.

As I try to limit my time spent before a big screen, either my desktop or the TV, I frittered away much too much this past week in watching the French Open.

"Frittered" may be too strong a word and certainly sends out the wrong impression, because I enjoyed all of the matches--particularly both of the finals: they revealed how much tennis can be a mental game.  

Too bad that American tennis broadcasts (at least on the major networks) hardly ever show doubles, which can be much more fun to watch than singles because doubles really is a Rock, Scissors, Paper game--he/she who throws only "rocks," for example, will never win in doubles, so one gets to see a much greater variety of shotmaking.

I'll be back before the week is over, I promise.


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