Saturday, October 13, 2012

Wassup, Where Have You Gone?

A month has passed since I wrote a blog post. Some readers have contacted me, wondering what has happened, and so I am reassuring you all that is not going away. In fact, my desktop is so completely overlaid with subject files and folders for future blog posts that they will surely outlive me.

My excuse for my silence is that, because I have chosen to write blogs that are carefully researched, well-written (or as well as is within my capability), thoughtful, and usually offer some personal slant, Wassup This Week is a bit like having a tiger by the tail. It starts to control you, and you don’t dare let go. So, on September 9, I let go...and quickly had to drop off a cliff in order to escape that tiger’s mauling. Soon, however, I will sneak back up to an unsuspecting Wassup, grab its tail, and continue where I left off.

Meanwhile, what I have been doing--besides partaking of the many offerings and activities that New York City provides--is keeping my political hand active through brief, but abundant, forays into Facebook and Twitter.

Because our political environment has heated up so much lately, these platforms enable me to make brief, daily comments on the many topics that complicate this election season. I invite anyone who has missed that weekly dose of Wassup (as well as everyone else) to “Like” me on Facebook and/or “Follow” me on Twitter

And I promise you that Wassup will return very soon.

Tyko Kihlstedt