Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Not Dead Yet!

Some of you who receive my blog posts may be wondering why I have published no posts for nearly two months. I assure you, I am not dead, not yet, and I hope not for several more years.

I'm having too much fun to even contemplate the prospect of death.  My absence from composing blog posts is mainly due to an annual distraction of late August-early September and to an important civic activity.  The distraction is the U.S Open tennis tournament, now ended, but which I found particularly fascinating this year. The civic activity is having been selected for jury duty. That, too, is fascinating.  I still am serving as a juror, and suspect that I won't be able to work on a new post for at least one more week.

In the meantime, given that all my posts are based on my photographs, I offer the following three as evidence that I remain animate and quite healthy.

Robert Seyffert painting Tyko Kihlstedt, March 2014

Robert Seyffert, who has a studio in the Bronx, is one of three generations of American painters. I agreed to sit for him this spring when he wanted some portraits to put into a solo show in downtown Manhattan in April, at the Union League Club. Here he is at work on my portrait.

Andrea & Tyko Kihlstedt, Bronx Bricks, 305 East 140th Street, Bronx, NY

Photographers rarely get in photographs unless they hand over their camera to a bystander. Here I am with my lovely wife in the vestibule to our Bronx apartment building.  The art on the wall behind us is a piece by Linda Cunningham, who also lives and has a studio in our building. 

Tyko Kihlstedt at the Central Park Tennis Courts, Spring 2014

Here I handed my small, pocket camera to a tennis buddy to get this picture as we waited for the courts to be opened.  I am one of over 100 lucky tennis players who rely on our friend, Marvin Stollman, to arrange everybody's doubles matches each week.   Read this wonderful piece on Marv from the New York Times by Corey Kilgannon.

The tee shirt I am wearing bears the title of one of the songs of a popular Bay Area prog rock band named Sleepytime Gorilla Museum.   As with most of my tee shirts, this one came from my musician daughter, Carla Kihlstedt, who--among her many hats--is a member of this wild, wooly and wonderful rock band. 

I no longer own this tee shirt, alas, because I thought it only proper to give it to another of my tennis buddies who recently moved to the Bay Area.

Thank you for your patience.  I hope to publish a new blog post within the next two weeks. For more frequent, terse messages from me--all of which are political or socio-political--you may follow me on Facebook or on Twitter as "SwampGreen." 


  1. Glad to read and see how well you are doing. Portrait is a wonderful likeness. And you and Andrea are a great looking and clearly thriving couple.
    Looking forward to hearing observations from your jury journey.

    1. Not sure what observations I may make regarding jury duty--certainly nothing before the trial is done. After that, possibly some general notes, but I would first ask the Judge who, by the way, is quite wonderful and impressive!

  2. SO HAPPY you have not kicked it yet! You look great, both in person and in painting. Love to you both!