Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Art from 2014: Creating Context

This will be the first of several posts showing art I saw last year. Rather than simply photographing the following twenty-one images in a straightforward manner, however, I give each work of art a context.

At times I pull back to reveal an expanded setting in which the art loses a bit of its primacy. At other times, I zero in to show a detail in which the art may no longer even be recognizable. Because of this "transformation," I give each photograph a title which seldom alludes to the title of the piece photographed.

My hope is that each photograph, along with its captioned title, will speak for itself. Therefore, I also offer no explanatory texts below the images. For viewers seeking more information, please "google" the artists' names.

Young Critic, Bronx Bricks (5B), NYC, The Bronx, Paintings by Vladimir Ossif

Art Patron, Volta NY, NYC, Manhattan, Art by Zoe Charlton

Contemplating Andy Contemplating, Scope NY, NYC, Manhattan, Sculpture by Kazuhiro Tsuji

The Great American Nude Slides Home, The Armory Show, NYC, Manhattan, Sculpture by Tom Wesselman

Isaac Julien at MoMA, Museum of Modern Art, NYC, Manhattan, Ten Thousand Waves installation

Slot, Skarstedt Gallery, NYC, Manhattan, Painting by Martin Kippenberger

 Read His Lips, National Arts Club, NYC, Manhattan, Bust of George Bush by Marc Mellon

Easy Does It, Bishop, Our Lady of Pompeii Church, NYC, Manhattan, Bust of  Venerable Bishop John Baptist Scalabrini 

Campo Vaccino in the Bronx, Bank Note Building, NYC, The Bronx, Hunt's Point, Print of G. B. Piranesi

Prints by Wofsey, Bronx Bricks Apt. 3B, NYC, The Bronx, Mott Haven, Exhibition of prints by Tammy Wofsey

3 Landscapes, The New Museum, NYC, Manhattan, Paintings by Etel Adnan in show of art from the Arab world

MoMA's Maillol I, Museum of Modern Art, NYC, Manhattan, Aristide Maillol's Sculpture, The River

MoMA's Maillol II, Museum of Modern Art, NYC, Manhattan, Aristide Maillol's Sculpture, The River

MoMA's Maillol III, Museum of Modern Art, NYC, Manhattan, Aristide Maillol's Sculpture, The River

Silver Nereid, Museum of the City of New York, NYC, Manhattan, Presentation Bowl by Tiffany & Company (Newport Goelet Cup)

Deflecting Treblinka, Museo del Barrio, NYC, Manhattan, Detail of Children of Treblinka by Raphael Montañez Ortiz

Daphne Pruned, Museum of Art & Design, NYC, Manhattan, Detail of Kate MacDowell's Daphne

East Side Tessera, Times Square Police Kiosk, NYC, Manhattan, Midtown, Detail of mosaic of map of New York

Through the Wall, Marlborough Chelsea Gallery, NYC, Manhattan, Installation by  Jonah Freeman & Justin Lowe

Man Emerging, Flushing Boulevard, NYC, Brooklyn, Bushwick, Wall with mural and graffiti

Visible Hand: Wall Street, Federal Hall, NYC, Manhattan, Financial District, Detail of Statue of George Washington by John Quincy Adams Ward

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